Triumph and Tragedy at 30,000 Feet

"It Was the Chance to Explore Further"

My father and I talked about Linebacker II, but I just didn't understand. He always talked about writing a book recounting his experience. I listened, but didn't know what questions to ask.  He showed me books - one of which was Karl Eschmann's Linebacker - The Untold Story of the Air Raids Over North Vietnam and a video that he was involved in which piqued my interest... then, he passed away without the chance to explore further.  Reading  Marshall Michel's The Eleven Days of Christmas rekindled the fire.

"Barry and I began researching the idea, and discovered it was a story of immense importance to the era of Vietnam and further to strategic ideals employed in military operations today.  We also found it is filled with many personal stories of triumph and tragedy.  The documentary project began..."

-- G. Ray Sullivan, Jr.

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