There were many facets of Linebacker II.  The Navy played a significant role in the operation and shared in the sacrifice as noted on our "Day by Day" page. This page is dedicated to the role played by the Navy at sea, in the air and on the ground.
Below is pasted a copy of the Deck Logs from the USS Lawrence DDG 4. She was but one of many that were involved.  

After an upkeep period in Subic Bay from 12-19 December, LAWRENCE returned to Linebacker Operations in the Gulf of Tonkin .  She reported as an element of TU 77.1.1 on 21 December.  During this period through 30 December,  LAWRENCE was flagship for COMDESRON 11.  Eighteen (18) Linebacker strikes were conducted, expending 1,089 rounds against primary targets and 296 rounds of counter-battery fire against enemy coastal defense gun sites.  During this period enemy fire was heavy and accurate.  LAWRENCE was under enemy fire for a total of 123 minutes with 388 rounds of enemy fire falling in the immediate vicinity with some air bursts and surface splashes as close as 10 yards.  The ship suffered only superficial topside damage from shrapnel.


Please also  look at the history of the USS Goldsborough (as I recall), DDG 20. One of our DDG's was hit during LBII ops. We were pulled early from that upkeep at Subic to relieve her. is the link a short story by the XO at the time, Capt. (CDR) Robert C. Powers!.pdf

 It would be a great and noble thing to perhaps include in your writing about "Operation Linebacker" the services of Myself and of the other fifteen U.S.Navy sailors / Sea-bees whom transported all of that ordinance from the Deep-water port at Aguana Guam MI 47 miles up to the hastily made ordinance magazine in the acres or land in back or Andersen AFB. Without our 12 hour a day 6 days a week services, there would've have been so much as a 'firecracker' to have been loaded up into all the belly of all those B-52's. I know we worked in both silence and the shadows, very rarely seen, but we were TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to the 7th. Air-force, 131st bomb wing and we have letters of commendation from the general in charge to prove we not only persevered insults and assaults from the Anti-War protesters whom lined the route from the docks, to the back entrance to Andersen AFB.  Thank You !
 Very truly yours,
 PO Third Class James T. Ward
Alpha Company
TAD from Naval Mobile construction battalion- 1
21st Naval regiment, Davisville, RI

Here is an account of the USS Goldsborough during Linebacker II  

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